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writer, editor, blogger, gamer, classy geek, recovering physicist, unapologetically Black, severely opinionated.


Service Journalism
Tech and Lifestyle Journalism
Writing, Editing, and Digital Strategy
Technical Project Management



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Alan Henry is a service journalist, writer and editor, and technology enthusiast. In a previous life, he was a technical project manager, a long time ago.

These days, he writes, he edits, he herds cats, he games, he writes some more.

He tweets, he slacks, he discords, he likes your photos on Instagram, he shitposts, and he plays way too many video games. He’s severely opinionated. He’s a coffee snob, a little bit of a gourmet, but not too good for a dollar slice. He likes desk accessories, anime, music, headphones, mechanical keyboards, large monitors, birds, and bunnies.


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